Penny House

Penny House, Lamu Old Town

  • TypeResidential
  • LocationLamu
  • Year2007-2008
  • ClientPenny Winter, IRELAND
  • CollaboratorsAngeles Mira
  • Gross Area281 m2

In the heart of Lamu Town, Amber House was an older, completely run down residence. To create openness and light, we removed a couple of floors to create a courtyard with a plunge pool. All four floors of the house open out onto this centerpiece; the upper floors also have incredible views of the ocean. Mvule wood creates a balcony running the length of the first-floor bedrooms. Completed in traditional Swahili style, the house contains classic Lamu architectural touches such as lime finishes which allow the walls to breathe in the very hot, sometimes rainy, climate, creating an aged look over time. All of which further enhances the old-world atmosphere of the entire house.

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